Teaching Our Youth The Language And Landscape Of The 21st Century

The CODE is a platform for youth to transform from being consumers of technology to builders of technology, with a special concentration on African-American, underserved and underprivileged students.

Why The Code?

To assist with closing the digital divide.

Our Success Stories

20210606_121222 - Carter Scarlett

Carter Scarlett

High School for Global Citizenship
Certified in HTML and CSS

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From: Brooklyn, New York

High School: High School for Global Citizenship

Expected graduation date: June 2024

What would you like to be your major in college: Engineering

Background: I was born in Brooklyn, NY. I currently live here with my mother, father and younger sister. Other than school and having knowledge of HTML and CSS, I like to spend a lot of my time outside at the skatepark or playing basketball.

What do you gain as a participant in The Code: Certifications in HTML and CSS. These certifications open up a world of opportunity. I gain more opportunities to get involved in the technical work industry and to be involved with others who are learning code just like me. This information will help me in the future with expounding on my knowledge of code and the world surrounding it.

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Jessari Lettman

Chelsea Career and Technological Education
Certified in HTML and CSS, as well as Revolt TV Intern

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From: Manhattan, NYC

High School: Chelsea Career and Technological Education

Expected Graduation Date: Class of 2022

What would you like to be your major in college: Computer Science or Electrical Engineering

Background: I was fascinated with technology and video games since the age of 4 when I first got a PSP and started playing games.  As I grew up, I realized that the world was beginning to revolve around technology.  The Code reached out to me with an internship opportunity and a learning experience at a time where I was solidifying my decision to go into the tech industry.

What do you gain as a participant in The Code: After working and learning with the amazing people at The Code and the internship at Revolt, many new things came to me.  The most proficient one was learning how to code in languages such as HTML and CSS.  Learning with Ms. Baurkot really helped me learn deeper things that can help with life and coding, Skills such as problem solving and being creative.  On a whole, The Code made me more confident as a person, confirming that I do have the skill to be prominent in the Tech Industry.


Luz Calix

Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists
Certified in HTML and CSS

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From: Bronx, New York

High School: Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists

Graduation Date: Class of 2021

College attending: Lehman

Expected Graduation Date:  Class of 2024

Growing up I had always been curious about computers and all things technological. I used to think it was magic. Over the years my curiosity continued to grow. Not only was technology something used everyday in my household but all around me but even then no one could really give me an answer to my questions. What made a website work? How did this animation come to life? Just how in general? Growing older I realized quickly it wasn’t magic and that meant learning for myself how they worked wasn’t impossible. Though even now I have answered those questions more continue to flood my mind as I continue to learn more and more about coding. 

What do you gain as a participant in The Code:
Before participating in The Code it was difficult for me to learn anything because I had no guidance. Without guidance I gave up pretty quickly and grew bored. Participating in The Code I was able to stay engaged with every activity we were assigned. Not only was I learning but I was enjoying every lesson as well. It also allowed me to ask questions when I was confused and to learn the right way. Without this program I would still be very clueless on a lot of things so I’m very grateful I got to participate. 

People only think to the level of what they have been exposed to.

– Dr. A.R. Bernard

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

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